Project Synopsis

Title: Standard ELearning Language and Format
Acronym: SELF
Consortium: SIVECO România (coordonator), University of Bucharest
Funding agency: AMCSIT - Agentia Manageriala de Cercetare Stiintifica, Inovare si Transfer Tehnologic (Ministry of Education, Research and Youth, Romania)
Contract no.: 136 / 05.07.2008
Total Budget: 4 265 450 RON
State funding: 2 000 000 RON
Duration: 2008-2011
Project Manager: Dr. Radu Gramatovici
Email: radu dot gramatovici at siveco dot ro

Short Description of the Project

Short description
The SELF Project aims to facilitate the creation and (re) use of rich multimedia e-learning objects, thus falling within the broader i2010 Digital Library Initiative. The underlying principle is that optimal creation and use of elearning objects is met when knowledge experts are provided with an easy-to-use set of authoring tools. Essentially, broad acceptance of such tools is feasible only if a fast learning curve brings the cutting-edge technology at the fingertips of any potential authors.In order to achieve this aim, the challenge lies in developing a language dedicated to creating and editing complex e-learning resources, by integrating typographical elements, vector and 3D-graphics with a high degree of interaction. Based on this language, a visual e-learning authoring tool is considered, tailored for non-expert users, in order to assist in the creation of reusable e-learning objects, including a library of templates and objects.
The SELF Project objectives are to define and implement a standard dedicated language and format for learning content management systems.
The standard proposed by the SELF project focuses on the way e-learning resources are created and modified. The language defined by this standard is applicable to a large pool of pre-existing e-learning resources (text, graphic, audio, video) and allows a next generation of e-learning objects without the need for connecting entities in different languages or formats.
Expected impact of project SELF

  •  The stimulation of the scientific and cultural environment through easy-to-use e-Learning authoring tools that allow creative efforts to manifest in a rich typographical environment;
  •  Faster spreading of e-learning content and implicitly a higher number of users of this type of content
Project News


  • On 24th July 2008, a consortium meeting was held at SIVECO's Headquarters (Averescu)
  • 2nd February 2009, the first report was submitted.


  • Project was started on 5th July 2008
Project Plan

Phase_IAnalysis of the requirements and risks of an eLearning Authoring environment31.01.2009Finished
Phase_IIDesign of SELF language and SELF compiler30.04.2009In progress
Phase_IIIDevelopment of the compiler. Design of the SELF link-editor, viewer and visual editor30.10.2009Scheduled
Phase_IVDevelopment of the prototype30.06.2010Scheduled
Phase_VReport of the economical effects of the project30.08.2011Scheduled