Project Synopsis

Title: Research regarding the design of an experimental model of a mobile learning-type virtual network with real time access to knowledge and learning, using communication technologies and wireless terminal devices
Universitatea Nationala de Aparare "Carol I" (coordonator), SC SIVECO Romania SA, S.C. Advanced Technology System, S.C. Expert Trade Company SRL, Institutul de Cercetari pentru Inteligenta Artificiala
Funding agency:
CNMP - National Centre for Program Management (Ministry of Education, Research and Youth, Romania)
Contract no.: 12-087 / 01.10.2008
Total budget: 2319693 RON
Public budget: 1996000 RON
Duration: 2008-2011
Website of the project: -

Short Description of the Project

The main objective of the project is to develop scientific research in order to identify the possibilities to extend the educational and instructional system to the segment of continuous formation through the use of cutting edge components from the field of informatics and communication into the mobile medium.
The finite product of the project will consist of an experimental model for an integrated mobile learning system which will allow different users, from formal and professional education systems, to access knowledge and learning databases in real time, obeying the “anywhere and anytime” principle. The model will be bases on advanced research regarding the identification of methods, means, algorithms and integration procedures of different wireless communication technologies and of knowledge management platforms (e-content).

The proposed model, named “Mobile learning – net centric based on knowledge access” – „ Access to knowledge and learning database using mobile technologies” will integrate the cutting edge technologies in the field of computers, wireless communication, educational and knowledge management advanced software. The most important aspect of this enterprise is to find the solution to access knowledge databases on different types of wireless terminals (PDA, SmartPhone, iPOD, UltraMobile PC, handheld military radio stations etc.) which connect through different communication networks with different specifications and communication protocols.

Project News


  • 31st January 2009 - The first phase report was submitted.
Project Plan

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