Project Presentation

The general goal of the European ITEA2 Guarantee project is to develop technology to address the specific personal safety needs of private people in the residential environment. The goal of Guarantee is to significantly enhance the personal safety of people in the home environment by introducing an active safety product or a safety system that is functionally enhanced by a networked service.

Guarantee’s architecture focuses on active safety products and systems that respond to human behavior. Existing home safety products are much more limited in scope. Existing electrical safety products typically detect dangerous situations (fire alarm, burglar alarm) or provide for surveillance (CCTV, panic button). Guarantee adds the intelligence to interpret human behavior in a context and to act if a dangerous situation occurs. This is a much more powerful approach that allows for preventing many of the typical home accidents. Guarantee focuses on entirely different safety situations that occur in private homes. In addition, Guarantee exploits possibilities for additional sensor input not available in residential spaces, like identification of people or the physical condition of people. Guarantee takes as input the existing sensor technology and connectivity in the home and it builds on these assets to create technology for safety products.
The development of smart homes has a profound and obvious relevance. Advances in medicine, public policy and technology, provide for people to not only live longer, but also achieve significantly improved living conditions. Today's older adults are more educated and engage in more activities than previous generations. The modern face of aging is one that expresses vitality and commands a greater quality of life.
As an innovative element in the landscape of security systems, the Romanian RO-GUARANTEE project will implement the concept of continuous education through animation, a mechanism that will educate for prevention. One of the aims is to provide a clear methodology for accessing and connecting to the system, so it will not remain a closed environment, limited in terms of development and interfacing with other systems. This goal makes the range of stakeholders to be broad and covers a multitude of public and private sectors.
Even if the Romanian market of products for monitoring and supervision has made remarkable progress, at the level of personal protection, especially for children and elderly there is not a wide range of devices. There is a strong need for integrated systems based on smart sensors that communicate with the user or emergency services that will analyze the situational context in which they are received data, initializing a response that will neutralize the dangerous situation. In the Romanian profile market, such solutions are almost inexistent. Emergency services are only about 112 service and private security companies.
We estimate that a Guarantee compatible system will have a considerable impact on Romanian market. The educational component will offer a real competitive advantage. From our market research study, we have concluded that for both public and private institutions and for families, such a solution is not only desirable but also necessary. The study took place with 20 public and private institutions that provide social services, education and residential care and with 20 families who have children or elderly in care.
The RO-GUARANTEE platform is a very complex system that includes both internal services and external ones. For internal services, a media-box receives and sends Guarantee specific messages (G-Messages) to and from G-Nodes. For external services, a Portal website is responsible with client’s interaction. Between them, a web-based Management Console communicates with media-box and Portal and facilitates to content providers the upload, configuration and generation of multimedia content.
The project allowed the Romanian Consortium to investigate new ways to adapt services provided by a software application to the changing customer requirements. The software tools and applications developed in the project opened new lines of research and development. The way multimedia was used as a non-invasive interface, friendly, adaptable and intuitive communication, has demonstrated the potential of this approach and has not been explored enough.
Consortium componence:
Participating countries: Belgium, Finland, Greece, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Romania, Spain


Project Synopsis

Title: EN – Guardian Angel for the Extended Home Environment 
Partners: SC ALTFACTOR SRL (coordinator), SIVECO Romania SA (partner)
Contracting Authority: UEFISCDI

Angreement Nr.: 293E/01.09.2009
Total Budget: 1.987.720 RON
Public Budget: 992.068 RON
Duration: 09.2009 – 10.2013
Project Director: Marius Ivanov
Funded by UEFISCDI - Innovation Program - Eureka European Cooperation Subprogram – Eurostars

European project website:


Project Plan
Deadline Stage
Phase I Requirements analysis and identification of solutions at a national level 30.11.2009 Finished
Phase II
Design analysis of interdependencies with the solutions proposed at European level
30.09.2010 Finished
Phase III Design and modules development 30.08.2011 Finished
Phase IV Integration with the European platform 15.11.2012 Finished
Phase V Economical effect reporting and identification of possibilities to obtain patent and copyrights. 30.10.2013 Finished
Project Activities

Phase I Requirements analysis and identification of solutions at a national level

  • Activity I.1 National website for the dissemination and national collaborative virtual environment
  • Activity I.2 Needs analysis at the national level in the field of emergency services, national solutions (sensors, signal processing) and the possible adaptation for the purpose of integrating the research results at European level
  • Activity I.3 Communication channel identification that the platform to be developed will use

Phase II of the national platform and Design analysis of interdependencies with the solutions proposed at European level

  • Activity II.1 Identification of stakeholders at the national level and opportunity analysis for concluding partnerships. Finding the necessary components for these partnerships
  • Activity. II.2 Model development of the management platform and external services
  • Activity II.3 Analysis on solutions proposed by European partners in the project
Activities performed in the Phase II
  • Workshop at Bilbao on 19-20 May 2010 - Romanian Consortium presented the concept of Education through animation as a means of prevention. The concept has been integrated in WP4
  • Workshop at Eindhoven on 15-16 September 2010--were decided the demonstrators and each partner has decided where it will participate. Education through animation will be integrated into at least two demonstrators.

Phase III Design and modules development

  • Activity III.1. Development of signal processing modules and transmission of alert messages
  • Activity III.2 Platform development
Activities performed in the Phase III
  • Participation at Co-Summit ITEA2, held in October, 2010 in Ghent, Belgium – within the Symposium, AltFactor – Siveco Consortium participated at the exhibition stand of the Guarantee.
  • Participation at the Guarantee workshop, which took place on January 7, 2011 in Wageningen, Netherlands.
  • Participation at the Guarantee workshop, which took place on May 2011 in Kaunas, Lithuania.
  • AltFactor has been selected as the task leader for Task 4.2, within the work package WP4. Specific activities have been carried out by the management of the task which led to the delivery of the document D 4.2.1 –-home internal services.
  • Romanian Consortium contributed to specific deliverables and internal management documents of the project.
  • Romanian Consortium is involved in two demonstrators:
o   elderly home safety
o   behavior influencing of students in school
  • Romanian Consortium will participate with an prototype at the:
o   Review conducted by the ITEA, forums on the 8th September 2011 in Eindhoven, Netherlands
o   Exhibition stand of the Co-ITEA2 Summit in Helsinki, Finland, 2011
  • Published two scientific papers at international conferences, International Conference on Virtual Learning, and The 7th ICVL 2010 International Conference on eLearning and Software for Education, ELSE.
  • AltFactor participated with an exhibition stand in the 4th Edition of the Regional Exhibition of research, 12-14 may, organized by the Chamber of Commerce, industry and Agriculture of Galati.
  • AltFactor has published an article in the local newspaper referring to the european project Guarantee

Phase IV Integration with the European platform

  • Activity IV. 1 National component integration with the European solution
  • Activity IV.2. Participation on specific demonstration of activities at European level, under the coordination of the WP5 leader.
Activities performed in the Phase IV
  • In the period 6-8 September 2011 it was held the workshop Guarantee at Eindhoven, on September 8 being programmed a Review with the authority of ITEA. In this review, Siveco Romania ALTFACTOR-Consortium presented the prototype of the platform
  • In the period 24-28 October 2011, it was held at Helsinki, the ITEA2 Co-Summit, during which the Guarantee had a trade show booth. At the stand it was presented the prototype developed by Siveco Romania, AltFactor, prototype not yet integrated with European solution
  • In the period November 2011-may 2012 were made the first software implementations and specifications for integration with European Solution. The animations were developed for the two demonstrators. It also been started the development of a new HTN inference engine
  • During 17-19 January 2011, it was held in Luxembourg, at Chamber of Commerce, the workshop Guarantee. The workshop has specified and tested the integration of the partner’s solutions. Also, in the second day of the workshop, January 18, 2012, the GUARANTEE project participated at an exhibition stand at the exhibition "Smart Homes" & Exhibition, organized by Exhibition & to Chamber of Commerce Luxembourg-Kirchberg
  • During 8-10 May, 2012, it was held at Bucharest, the Guarantee workshop during which the platform integration was tested with the European solution, specifically with the E2 and C3 demonstrators
  • During the period May – October 2012 the consortium has developed activities of integration, testing, and remote proofing platform integration in the interactive content development and European demonstrators. It also continued the development of the inference engine HTN.
  • in the period 29-31 October 2012, Siveco - Altfactor consortium attended the Co-Summit ITEA2 at CNIT, Paris. The fact that the platform developed by Romanian Consortium is able to communicate with two different demonstrators was a proof that the architecture and the specifications proposed in the framework of the European project GUARANTEE works
  • The Romanian Consortium contributed to specific deliverables and internal management documents of the project.
  • A scientific paper has been published at the International Conference on The 7th International Conference on eLearning and Software for Education, ELSE.
E2 Demonstrator in the the exhibition stand in Helsinki
RO-GUARANTEE platform at Helsinki and Luxembourg exhibitions
RO-GUARANTEE platform at the Paris exhibition
C3 Demonstrator: stereoscopic EagleVision surveillance cameras
Demonstratorul C3 in cadrul standului expozitional de la Helsinki
C3 Demonstrator C3: Partners SoundInteligence, Noldus, EagleVision, Altfactor and Siveco
C3 Demonstrator in the the exhibition stand in Helsinki

 Phase V Economical effects
The fifth phase of the project RO-GUARANTEE took place between 15.11.2012-30.10.2013 and aimed at getting the economic effects and the identification of opportunities for patenting or obtaining copyrights.

Activities performed in the Phase V
In the fifth phase of the project RO-GUARANTEE were conducted the following activities:
-          Identification of potential partners for implementation of the adapted solutions
-          Identification of opportunities for patenting or obtaining copyrights

Project conclusions
To make the solution developed in this project to get into the assistance services market, both ALTFACTOR and SIVECO will to seek to identify partners with whom they can build solutions for the public institutions and residential area, similar to the kind developed during the project. Currently existing technologies and integration facilities identified in the project make it possible to collaborate, to the extent that such opportunities will materialize.
Exploitation of intellectual property rights will be implemented in accordance with the commitments of the project partners, strictly respecting the legal framework and intellectual property rights.
RO-GUARANTEE platform is based on a strong scientific foundation, recognized by the acceptance of the scientific work at prestigious international conferences. Throughout the project, the consortium participated, including practical demonstration, at the Review Commission of ITEA from Eindhoven, 2011, at the Co-Summit Helsinki, ITEA, 2011, at the workshop "Smart Homes" from Luxembourg and the 2012 Co-Summit Paris 2012. All these participations have confirmed the potential of the platform developed and demonstrated that RO-GUARANTEE system is feasible.