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SIVECO Romania is involved.
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A short profile of SIVECO Romania and previous involvement in EU projects can be found here:
SIVECO - EU Projects Profile and SIVECO - EU Projects Flyer



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Autoevaluation Report

SIVECO Romania has received R&D&I attestation from the National Authority for Scientific Research (ANCS Decision no. 9692/04.07.2008)

The R&D autoevaluation report is published here:  SIVECO Romania's Autoevaluation Report 2005-2007 (in Romanian)

More info on national R&D&I attestation can be found here: National Authority for Scientific Research, Ministry of Education and Research

Technology Platforms

SIVECO Romania SA is involved in the following technology platforms:

NESSI is the European Technology Platform dedicated to Software and Services. Its name stands for the Networked European Software and Services Initiative.

SIVECO Romania SA is a member of NESSI, and participates in the startup of the National NESSI Technology Platform for Romania - NESSI-RO.

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