Project sheet

Title: Smart Energy Aware Systems
Acronym: SEAS
Project Number: 12004
European project coordinator: GDFSUEZ, France
Partners: SOLTECH, Asema Electronics, EKE-Finance, Empower IM Oy, Foreca Oy, Fortum, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, ARMINES, BeNomad, CEA LITEN, CEA LIST, Clipsol, CNR, ECOMETERING, GDFSUEZ, ICAM, Institut Mines-Télécom Mines, ITRON, Kerlink, Evoleo Technologies, ISA - Intelligent Sensing Anywhere SA, ISEP /IPP-GECAD, ECRO SRL(national partner), ABADA, Answare, Ingenieria y Control Electronico, PLANET MEDIA, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (UPV), University of Girona, Bakent Elektrik, Defne, Innova IT Solutions Inc, LNL Elektrik Elektronik Bilisim ve Danismanlik Ltd. Sti., SimBT Inc.
Romanian Contracting Authority: Executive Agency for Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation Funding
Contract no.: 338E/16.06.2014
Total Budget: 2.989.349 RON
Public Budget: 1.373.875 RON
Duration: 2014-2016
Project Director: Monica Florea

Project short description

SEAS project’s vision is that new smart energy aware systems, for enhancing energy efficiency and sustainability, can be enabled via fine grained energy consumption monitoring, estimation and control, which are augmented by common energy information knowledge model and means for semantically correct energy information exchange based on the knowledge model.
Project main goal consist in design and development of the new smart Energy Aware System (SEAS) in energetic domain, composed of two main components:

  • intelligent sensor network which will collect information in the interest areas from  the project
  • online Platform - an integrated environment dedicated for monitoring sensor network and interaction with applications for smart mobile devices such as tablets , smart phones or laptops.

Results of the project:

  • intelligent sensor network  
  • online platform
  • applications for smart mobile devices

Romanian demonstrator will be implemented in a selected area of the Faculty of Power Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Bucharest which will include classrooms , hallways and Smart Grid Lab , and a efficient building energy (Energy Plus Building ) , located near the main building of the faculty. ECRO will develop intelligent network of sensors of the latest generation and energy measurement devices based on IoT technologies / iOS (Internet of Things / Internet service), this network will be connected to the central platform. SIVECO will provide energy awareness software, accessible application via smart phones, tablets and other smart devices.
Romanian Demonstrator will include key performance indicators (KPI ) to improve awareness, both for standard construction and efficient energy buildings - used to compare the current state with the proven energy efficiency level  from European level.

  • SEAS consortium meeting
    • Period: 10-12.9.2014
    • Place: Helsinki, Finland
Project plan

Romanian Consortium

Phase Title
Analysis of the requirements and identification of the needs at the national and European level
Design of Smart Energy Aware System(SEAS)
Development and testing SEAS
In progress
Development of the integration components for SEAS
Final validation of the integrated system SEAS
Reporting effects

Journal Content

Summary Phase I:
Technical achievements:

Phase I of the SEAS projects was held between 16/06/2014-15/11/2014 and had the purpose to study the deliverables, at european level, in order to know and define the use cases, the existing technologies from the energy awareness area, as well, the business models as they were identified at european level.
The first phase includes the following activities:

Activity 1.1 Existing technologies study in the energy awareness systems
The deliverable of this phase is a study about existing technologies in the energy awareness systems.
Consumption and/or energy production awareness represents a very important tool to streamline energy life communities, families and individuals, with the potential energy saving, through information and education on the behavior information responsible towards this universal primary resource, regarding the consumed quantity as well its origin (fossil fuels, nuclear energy or green energy).

Activity 1.2 Current status of scenarios and use cases developed in the European consortium
Given the high number of partners, in the project SEAS, has been proposed a large number of use cases (101).
Their theme can be, in general, grouped by use cases for buildings, respective for intelligent micro-networks .

Activity 1.3 Current status of business models developed in the European consortium
Business models described in this deliverable are available in accordance with the state of European deliverables. Our project will take into account all the ideas applicable to Romanian demonstrator, in this way we can harness more the consortium experience.

Activity 1.4 Dissemination phase I – 2014
Public project website can be found at:
Public website will be constantly updated in line with the project progress.

Financial Achievements Phase I:

In this phase of the project were made the following expenses: per whole project phase I: 351.535, 00 lei ( from 379.525,00 planned), of which 220.102,00 lei from the state budget (239.495,00 planned) and 131.433,00 lei cofinancing ( 140