Project Synopsis

Title: National Portal: Methodologies, indicators and instruments regarding the permanent measurement of clients' demands in water supply and purification-sewerage services
Acronym: A-PORT
Partners: SIVECO Romania (coordinator), Romanian Water Association, "Dimitrie Cantemir" Christian University
Funding agency: CNMP - National Centre for Program Management (Ministry of Education, Research and Youth, Romania)
Contract no.: 11-071 / 14.09.2007
Total budget: 2 152 078 RON
Public budget: 1 998 078 RON
Duration: 2007-2010
Project Director: Dr. Radu Gramatovici
Email: radu dot gramatovici at siveco dot ro

Short Description of the Project

The project aims to develop a model for measuring client satisfaction and a permanent framework for measuring citizens' perception regarding quality of water supply, sewage and wastewater treatment.
Water supply, sewage and wastewater treatment public services have a maximum impact in life quality. Consequently, the quality of these public services is regulated by the National Authority, namely ANRSC (Autoritatea Naţională de Reglementare pentru Serviciile Comunitare de Utilităţi Publice), through a set of norms and objective indicators used to evaluate service quality. However, service supply is done by heterogeneous public and private operators, that, although compliant with said regulations, do not have access to client satisfaction measuring mechanisms, according to quality management standards. Disregarding these standards has a negative impact to life quality.
Main objectives:

  •  The main objective of the project is to define and develop techniques, indicators, development methodology and an institutional framework capable of managing information regarding clients' satisfaction regarding quality of water supply, sewage and wastewater treatment.
  •  An intermediary objective of the project is the development of a virtual environment / community - a national portal – bringing toghether all the stakeholders involved both in the water quality evaluation process and in the decision-making process that can bring improvements in the quality of this public service.

Expected results:
The national portal will serve as a system delivering objective questionnaires to consumers, with minimal political or environmental influences. Thus, the portal will establish a benchmark of the general population's perception towards the quality of water.
Also, the community established within the portal, will asume an active role in warning authorities and the general population in case of a failure in water services.
Thus the project will offer a complete solution that improves feedback gathering from consumers and updates the information available to the general population and authorities.

Project News


  • On December 17, 2008 a regular Consortium Meeting was held at SIVECO Headquarters.

  • On December 3, 2008 a regular Consortium Meeting was held at UCDC Headquarters.

  • On October 21, 2008 a regular Consortium Meeting was held in Brasov.

  • During the IX-th Conference E-COMM-LINE 2008, hosted by the Academy of Economic Sciences, between 25-26 septembrie 2008, a paper with title VIRTUAL NATIONAL PLATFORM FOR A BETTER WATER QUALITY MANAGEMENT”, by Prof. Dr. Mihaela Muresan and Lect.univ.dr Vasile Ciomos, from UCDC, was presented in section “High Theoretical Aspects & Environment”.

  • Between 07 – 12 septembrie 2008, in Viena, Austria, during The IWA World Water Congress and Exhibition”, in section "Managing Water Quality in Distribution Systems", Prof. Dr. Mihaela Muresan - UCDC - presented the paper "National Portal Methodologies, Indicators and Tools Regarding the Permanent Measurement of Customers’ Satisfaction in Water Supply and Purification-Sewerage Services", by Prof. Dr. Mihaela Muresan, Lect.univ.dr Vasile Ciomos, Lect. univ. dr. Marinella Turdean - UCDC.


  • The first phase report was reviewed and approved by CNMP.

  • The second phase report was submitted to CNMP - the 31st of March 2009

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Project Plan

PhaseNo. Phase Title Deadline Status
Phase_I Development of extended and detailed studies regarding: the status of the research in consumer satisfaction towards network services; methodologies used in consumer satisfaction surveys; state-of-the-art on computer science methodologies used in surveys 31.03.2008 Finished
Phase_II Development of the web portal that provides citizens with on-line access to thematic information 31.03.2009 Finished
Phase_III Development of the acquisition, storage and statistic processing modules using the information, requests and incident reports submitted by citizens using the web portal, in order to evaluate citizen satisfaction degree, determine crisis situations and alert the corresponding public authorities 30.09.2009 In progress
Phase_IV Study and development of behavioral patterns for citizens, local authorities and service providers contracted by local authorities, in order to ensure optimal resource allocation for permanent increase in quality of service and optimal crisis situation management. 31.03.2010 Scheduled
Phase_V Further sustainability solutions through citizen and service providers involvement in the project and providing incentives for information supplying through the web portal 13.09.2010 Scheduled